Pokemon Go 0.42.1 Update: 5 Pokemon Go Plus Hidden Changes That Every Gamer Should Know

Pokémon GO Plus 0.42.1 update is reported to bring several new changes to the game's capture rate, gyms, including a few hidden PoGo Plus updates. According to reports, the device has issues on the capture rate and seems to vibrate continuously. But with the new update, these problems are expected to be fixed to make the PoGo Plus become more useful to the users.

Pokemon GO Plus Update

The Pokémon GO Plus update brings changes that include the location of the PoGo Plus icon that is now placed underneath the compass, which can be clicked easier. A new pink icon, placed over the avatar is also noted to make it easier for the players to know if they are still connected. Also, the Plus device switches between the Pokestops faster now to prevent missing out on the sweet items if the players walk out of range while  the animation remains running.

Pokemon GO Plus Badges

Pokémon GO Plus update also makes it easier to catch Pokemon, as badges now increase the capture rate on the Pokemon that has been caught before. For every badge tier, there is now a bigger chance of catching a Pokemon, however, the numbers may be varied. A Pokemon dual type is reported to use the average of two badges that a player has.

Pokemon GO Plus Issues Fixed

In the new Pokémon GO Plus update, the PoGo Plus can be told to ignore a Pokemon or the Pokestops, under the settings feature. In addition to this, the device will not disconnect anymore if the player opens up the app to catch a Pokemon while PoGo Plus is still connected.

Pokemon GO Popularity

Meanwhile, Pokémon GO players have reportedly reduced in numbers, although the player base remains bigger than most mobile games. The decline is believed to be due to a likely slow rate of game improvements. But with some notable changes that are rolling out, the game is now bringing some improvements in training and added capture bonuses.

Pokemon GO v0.41.2 Changelog

Pokémon GO changes to captures are reportedly based on a tweak given to the previous medals the players get for capturing X Pokemon of a specific type. But now, reports indicate that the medals can now be useful. The more specific type of Pokemon the players get, there is a higher chance that they can capture more powerful Pokemon of the same type. Watch video on Pokémon GO Plus giveaways and new game update here:

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