Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Fix 'Try Again Later' In PokeStops, Power Up, Transfer Errors

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There are several glitches in Pokemon Go that people just don't mind. They are too focused on the gameplay and hype that any minor inconvenience can be forgiven. Simplest solution would just be restarting the app, or the phone in other cases, and you're back in action.

On today's article, we will tackle an error usually occurring in PokeStops and a couple of errors when managing your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are lots of compiled errors on the internet, especially on Reddit's The Silph Road so I took some of them with reference to what I mostly experience and then put it on this article to help anyone who has the same set of errors.

PokeStop says 'Try again later' when you spin it

This happens to me several times in a day. I thought of observing it separately when commuting - maybe because I was moving too fast, and when approaching a PokeStop by foot and stay there. To my surprise, my tally is quite equal with the two setups. I thought it was clearly a GPS issue when moving too fast by commuting but I still get the same error when I walk towards a Pokestop. I stumbled upon this post which has the same case as I do.

Thanks to Redditor 'bliznitch', his solution works for me, most of the time at least. What he suggest is that when you get a 'try again later' error on PokeStops or when tapping at gyms just exits you right away is to tap on the Shop icon and click on an item say a PokeCoin (don't worry we're not spending anything) when you are prompted for payment details, hit cancel. In theory this allows Pokemon Go to establish a secure connection towards their servers for the transaction, in effect your PokeStop and Gym connections get refreshed.

Powering up a Pokemon and you get an error

This one took me a long time to figure out. It happens when you successively Power up a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I observed this when Powering up my Onix. During the first Power up, everything seems fine, but starting on the second one or so, the red error message pops out on top of the screen. I then tried to Power up again, and again but to no avail. So I got frustrated and just closed the menu and went on playing.

As I returned to the menu to power up my Onix, I just realized a huge deduction from its stardust. Turns out that after the first power up, the star dust didn't go down and in effect, the client side app was in 'disagreement' with the data on the server in terms of the amount of stardust. So the quick work around for this is to stop powering up when the error pops up, chances are you just don't have enough stardust. This post suggests to look at another Pokemon (swipe left or right) then return to the original one, the stardust count should update.

Transferring a Pokemon and an error pops out

This one may not be significant as you are about to get rid of the Pokemon anyway. As of this writing, there are no proper explanations as to why this happens but I think this has something to do with syncing the app to the server or vice-versa. The only way to resolve this, as if you need to, is to restart the app and see if the Pokemon was transferred or not.

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