Destiny: Rise Of Iron Complete Guide to Reach Light Level 400

For many Destiny: Rise of Iron gamers, reaching the new Light level 400 cap should be something to be ticked off from the bucket list. Getting through strenuous steps in the process however should be taken into consideration before achieving the highest Light level. Here's a complete guide to reach Light level 400 for both beginners and avid players.

Light Level 400 - Legendary Engram

An average Destiny: Rise of Iron player would know that the value of Legendary Engram Light reduces as you proceed to its cap. This is the ideal ground to take advantage of increasing Light level through other activities.

Light Level 400 - Ghosts And Artifacts

Ghosts and Artifacts in Light level 400 might not be manageable to obtain from the looks of it. Even so, they will be dropped in between Engram decryptions. As of the latest update, Archon's Forge drops both Light level 400 Ghosts and Artifacts. Finishing Strikes or faring Crota's Bane Faction also drops Artifacts, while Faction rewards drops Ghosts.

Light Level 400 - Strike Playlist

Strike playlist is another way to increase Light level as fast as possible, most especially when having no more missions to undertake. Strike spawns a good amount of drops according to your current Light level. Every pair of Strikes on the average helps you move a notch higher. Even if Strike diminishes worth when surpassing Light level 385, Exotic Engrams are still in working order. For now, prevent from doing the Omnigul exploit to increase your Light level as it still under construction, which Bungie should announce updating very soon.

Light level 400 - Specific Activities

In a nutshell, the following activities that releases drops of up to Light level 400 include: Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Wrath of the Machine in hard mode, Archon's Forge (Ghosts, Artifacts and Class items only), Strike-specific loot with Skeleton keys, Decrypting Exotic Engrams and Crucible match rewards.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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