Facebook News and Updates: New App Lets You Order Food And Buy Tickets

Facebook introduced a new app for its iOS that will allow its users to interact directly with different brands. Such feature lets the user order food and purchase tickets directly from businesses' Facebook Pages.

The popular social media company is also promoting event discovery through this new feature. Just by logging on to Facebook, users can search and buy tickets to concerts, movies and other events. They can also book appointments online without leaving Facebook and opening a new page or tab.

Facebook has collaborated with Delivery.com and Slice for food orders while they are also now working with Eventbrite, Fandango and Ticketmaster to provide their users an opportunity to directly transact with businesses regarding ticket orders.

Appointments, meanwhile, can be made with any business or service across the United States as long as they have a MyTime account. Setting an appointment is even made easier as there will be no more need to create a MyTime account, fill up forms or log in. The integration will automatically gather information like name, phone number and email address from the user's Facebook account and enter them into the MyTime Scheduler calendar.

MacRumors state in a report that a response confirmation will be sent to the user's Facebook Messenger once a transaction has been agreed upon.

The new app also has a Recommendations feature where users can ask for recommendations regarding what's hip and happening in a certain location. The new feature also allows the user a more personalized interaction as they can inquire about events from friends and loved ones. These recommendations appear as a status option which, when posted by the user, can receive comments from friends who can say if the certain business is worth the while or not.

According to TechCrunch, an estimated 650 million Facebook members use the Events feature each month. From that number, 35 million view a public event in a day. In 2015 alone, 47 million public events were created. The problem is that users need to log into a different page or site to buy tickets to such events. Those figures will potentially increase the easier and more personal interaction with brands. The new app will also hopefully increase Facebook traffic among the teenage demography which, according to reports, has fallen recently.

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