The All-New 'MacBook Pro 2016' Has Finally Been Confirmed By Apple

By Staff writer , Oct 20, 2016 04:02 AM EDT

The wait is finally over! In a recent update, Apple has already sent invitations regarding the already-confirmed event this Thursday, October 27, at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CAL. In the said event, it has been anticipated that a new line-up of the MacBook Pro brand will be announced, and there are some strong indications that a refreshed installment of the MacBook and MacBook Air will also be featured.

That MacBook Pros are finally getting an upgrade

The MacBook lineup hasn't had received much attention from Apple with regards to updates, improvements, or enhancements in the last few years. Apart from the ultrathin MacBook launched last year, there has not much to talk about the MacBook Pro's specs since it hasn't been enhanced to any further extent ever since. Just think about the fact that in line with the iPhone and iPad lines, Apple still continues to sell a MacBook Pro model that was launched roughly four years ago (2012).

Great news for MacBook Pro fans!

But things are looking bright for the MacBook Pro lineup, as Apple CEO, Tim Cook is set to unveil an all-new MacBook Pro, which will be a significant upgrade towards former version. As a trend now, Apple will still continue dropping ports and old traditional features. The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will be having both 13 &15-inch models. Along with that, the MacBook Air could also be featuring updated the 13-inch model as well, though there are some strong rumors that the 11-inch variant will be discontinued. But all in all, it wouldn't be much of a shock, as long as the MacBook Air lineups are still alive.

October 27 is within a week away

All we have to do now is wait. October 27 is right around the corner. Everyone is hyped right now, but just stay on your feet and expect the unexpected. We can't blame ourselves for being this excited, though. After all, most people have been waiting for a more defined and upgraded version of the MacBook, and right now, it is already within our reach.

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