Pokemon Go News: Here's Why Curve Balls Are Better Than Straight Throws

Pokemon Go players have adopted the Curve Ball throwing style due to the 10 XP bonus it yields. However, some confusing reports indicate a number of players who claim that capture rates are affected only by other factors. Given this, researchers studied a massive amount of capture experiences, which eventually confirms that catch rate is increased when Curve Balls are used over Straight throws.

Based on the research, Great and Nice throws had statistical significance, while no sufficient samples were gathered from Excellent, although the trend was also included for reference. Although samples have not been controlled for ring size, the No Bonus curved throws showed a significant increase in the capture rate. The study was conducted only on Pokemon Go Pokeballs, excluding the Pokemon captured through lure or incense patches.

Throughout the findings, the data were separated by "Throw Bonus" to make sure that the ring size variable has been controlled. In fact, No Bonus bins were included in the document for completeness, in spite of the fact that is likely biased due to the ring size factor being unconstrained. Moreover, Pokemon Level impacts the catch rate, however,every throw bonus sample grow had an estimated equal distribution of the Pokemon levels, TheSILPh Road reported.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go has received a new update that adds new functionality for Plus accessory. With that, players have now multiple notification modes to select from. This means that they will get the chance to choose if they want to get alerts for PokeStops, Pokemon or both. Also, scanning for both remains the default setting, which could help capture as many Pokemons and collect as many PokeBalls found at the PokeStops.

Pokemon Go update also allows the players to opt not to receive notifications if they have selected a buddy Pokemon already. In addition, this enables the Plus to still be paired with the game if they choose to use the app instead of the accessory during Gym and Pokemon encounters. Watch Pokemon Go - 100% Great Throw+Curveball!!(instructions in description)


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