Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Unveils Realistic Battle Systems; All Starter Final Evolutions Revealed

A Pokemon Sun and Moon special demo version was reportedly launched on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and hackers have already began digging through the files of the demo for new information that Game Freak is yet to reveal. It is said that virtually all unannounced Pokemon such as the final evolutions of the starters have been leaked online that include new creatures and new sprites. Leaked images and videos have also been spotted online.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will introduce a new Pokemon in the Alola Region. @ProfShroomish on Twitter reportedly collected all of the creatures from the game into a post. The new characters will also be accompanied by Legendaries and Ultra Beasts which have previously been rumored for the game. Pikachu was also seen wearing a bunch of hats. A video from YouTuber user Kaphotics also revealed tons of shiny new sprites which are said to be a rare version of Pokemon Sun and Moon with various color schemes.

The hackers were reportedly able to datamine the files within hours from the launch of the demo on the eShop. It is said that before Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launched next month, the entire game will already be spoiled and revealed. It is expected that dataminers will be able to discover more in the days ahead.

In other news, dataminers have also discovered Meowth in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo. Moreover, the Alolan Pokedex was seen with several monsters which are yet to be announced. With this, avid fans of the game have went online with all sorts of jokes, Gifs and Photoshops of the new monsters like the Garfield-like face of the Alolan Persian.

Pokemon Sun and Moon full game is not until next month so those who do not want to count on spoilers may skimp on these data mines. In the meantime, Game Freak is expected to be more cautious next time to avoid slip-ups like these. Apparently, only new Pokemon models and stats have been left out which dataminers may reveal soon as well. Watch video on What Do I Think of the Leaks? - Pokemon Sun and Moon *SPOILER WARNING*

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