Destiny: Wrath Of The Machine Guide: How To Beat Seige Engine On Heroic Mode

Destiny: Wrath of the Machine on heroic mode is supposed to offer tougher challenges for the players. Here are some tips to beat the Siege Engine in that particular mode.

Destiny on Heroic Mode: Siege Engine

The Siege Engine scene will require Destiny players to coordinate and cooperate with their fellow members. This will require strategy instead of an all-out frontal assault, according to The Bitbag.

Destiny: Siege Engine on Heroic Mode

Players familiar with the Wrath of the Machine: Siege Engine raid will generally follow the same way they did it the last time. The team will kill all the hostiles but the six members will need to assumed strategic positions to fend off the attack. Four will act as snipers and must position themselves at the container site. The other two will concentrate on the enemies who got through.

The Siege Engine in Heroic mode is much tougher and has a longer reach. Concentrate on one turret each. Once the core is exposed, players can take over and ride the Siege Engine. The team should also take out the mines first before leaving the area. It will be quite a pain dealing with them at the later stage. The team follows the usual drill of picking up the Siege Engine items while fighting off the Fallen. Players should expect heavy resistance from yellow bar enemies.

Destiny Heroic Mode: Perfected Spider Tank - Fight Or Flight

Taking out the Perfected Spider Tank seems a glorious proposition but it's better to ignore it for a while. One team member will eliminate the Captain and take care of the ramp. The other members will fight of the enemies while moving the engine items.

Once the ramp is down, players can take the items by concentrating their fire on the tank's legs. There is no need to prolong the fight with the tank as long as the items are secured. Fighting in heroic mode is hard enough. Avoiding an unnecessary battle with the tank will make the team's life easier.

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