Destiny Last Exit Code, Off World Transit Hints To Other New Maps?

Destiny player have been confounded a last exit code found in the game. Several theories are being floated around about this.

Destiny Game's Last Exit Puzzle

Destiny player were talking about the "accidental" leak in various social forums such as Reddit. The leak referred to some sort of secret code found on the Last Exit which is one of the PVP maps for Destiny. A player examining the map noticed some numbers and corresponding colors surrounding the subway terminals. The clues are Green 48, Yellow 38, Blue 14 and Red 271. Initially, they seem to nothing more but some random information.

Upon further investigation however, an encrypted code was spotted on the ceiling just above the staircase going to the subway. The code reads,

j?96exd.\?i7kj\psq3euj\@x.yt5,33szl'!( +9-7!!/@ 2enr?hqj+r,r+c?)

Revelation From Last Exit Grimoire Card

Details from the card narrates that the Redjack group has managed to uncover a very old and abandoned transit station. The place seemed to have been the scene of a major firefight as evidenced by the amount of damages strewn around.

The team also found out that the operation modules to have been frozen to a mode simply known as "Last Exit". It is believed that the passengers were trying to escape some unknown but powerful "force".

Off-World Transit Offers Further Clues?

Destiny investigators surmised that clues can also be found in the Off-World Transit terminal. Those who went there also found a code. The clue was decoded by u/iamfroden. He used a decryption system, the Caesar Shift to reveal its secret. The code was easily decrypted but revealed on the name of Bungie's devs. Unfortunately, the Caesar Shift does not work on the Last Exit code.

Last Exit Code Further Developments

Bungie appears to have taken notice and made an announcement. They confirmed that the code is indeed a cypher. It is an Easter Egg that could be solved but does not involved any reward.

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