Microsoft Surface Phone: How Can Microsoft Make It A Success?

Microsoft Surface Phone: How Can Microsoft Make It A Success?
The alleged Surface Phone may not yet be official, but fans are already expecting it to be Microsoft's ticket to mobile phone success. Photo : MobySmartCat / YouTube

With Microsoft's struggle to put Windows phones to the top, fans are quite excited and nervous about the Surface Phone's arrival. Even though the said device hasn't been confirmed yet, it's almost certain that it exists. Not only has its specs been rumored for almost a year now, Microsoft's slow drift from Lumia is also very obvious.

With that said, Microsoft's next big step would probably involve a Windows Phone under the Surface name. However, the question right now is whether or not the Surface Phone would be a big success. Some might say that it would be but others could still be in doubt. Nevertheless, it actually just depends on what the final output will be. If the phone could come with relevant features, then the Surface Phone could probably make it to the top. But if the phone will still stick to Microsoft's past mobile phone strategies, then it might as well follow Lumia's footsteps.

Here are some ways that the Microsoft Surface Phone could appeal to the people:

Sufficiently Powerful Internals

The Surface Phone doesn't need to be uber-powerful it just have to be competitive. At least 4 GB worth of RAM is enough for it to function well. A microSD slot on top of at least 32 GB internal storage is also enough for normal use. Of course, Microsoft shouldn't forego offering higher-spec's variants to give people variety. Needless to say, if the company could use the latest Snapdragon chipset and top it off with Windows-only features, it could definitely make the Surface Phone one of the best smartphones of the year.

Improved Windows Marketplace

Every Windows fan would be glad if Microsoft does something to improve the Marketplace's app offerings. We're not asking for an immediate progress here, but it would be nice if all of the apps relevant to the majority of users are found in the Windows store. It would be great if the popular games, social media apps and messengers are all functioning in full version on Windows Mobile platforms.

Relatively Affordable Price

One of the ways to attract a massive amount of buyers is to make a product affordable. It doesn't have to be bargained, it just has to be worth every penny. If Microsoft could make the Surface Phone less expensive, buyers would appreciate the phone even more. Imagine getting a high-quality Windows phone with full Microsoft Office and Continuum for a good price, wouldn't it be nice?

Improved Body And Elegant Design

If the Surface Phone wants to compete with premium smartphones, it's gotta have the looks too. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 7 both boast of their classy looks. They're slim, sophisticated and nicely-sized too. It would be great if the Surface Phone could also look as elegant. In fact, the Surface phone would be the perfect competitor to the iPhone and Galaxy if it comes with the premium look that most smartphone fanatics are fond of. Topping it off with a waterproof build will make the Surface Phone a serious choice for buyers.

Competitive Rear And Front Cameras

On top of everything else, sporting the device with great cameras is also a happy addition to those awaiting the Surface Phone. This may or may not be necessary, but it's just great to have an all-in-one smartphone with you. The Surface Phone is expected to be a mini-PC, a competitive smartphone, and a good camera phone as well.

Overall, Windows fans can just hold tight and wait for the phone to be launched. The Inquirer says that it may also show up on Microsoft's October event, but it's not yet certain. Furthermore, the company's teaser did not mention a major hardware launch. Instead, the event could focus on the Windows 10 platform. However, the appearance of the Surface Phone is also not entirely impossible especially when the Surface PC is also rumored to be launched.

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