Pokemon GO To Be Connected To Upcoming Sun And Moon Titles?

Pokemon fans will rejoice. Pokemon Sun and Moon may have the ability to cross over to its cousin from Niantic, Pokemon GO.

A producer of Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed to GameSpot that building a connection to Pokemon GO is on the table. However, he stated that it is not coming right after launch.

"We're still thinking about the best way to establish this kind of connectivity and what the best timing will be," Junichi Masuda explained. "First, we just want people to enjoy Sun and Moon after they come out, then we'll keep working on ideas to best accomplish that."

It might be too early for GameFreak, the developers behind most Pokemon titles including Sun and Moon, to divulge any information for now. After all, it is still in planning stage.

Furthermore, they have to form a collaboration with Niantic of Pokemon GO. It is unknown at this time if they are already talking or they have already made plans.

What is intriguing about this concept is how the devs will be able to pull it off. Both Pokemon GO and Sun and Moon are titles for handheld devices and judging from the numerous teasers for the latter, they have very different mechanics and graphics.

Nevertheless, this is a problem for the devs to solve. Fans are hopeful that GameFreak and Niantic will not give up on this feature as it will boost the popularity of both titles, luring in more players who have previously turned their backs away from Pokemon GO.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is gearing up for something big. Their next-generation console, the Nintendo NX, will be shown off for the first time today. This is the first look of the 2-in-1 platform that fans will get. Hopefully, the trailer that will be dropped later will confirm some of the rumors going around.

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