‘Peppa Pig’ Not Cancelled; Harvard University Study Linking Animated Show To Autism Is Bogus

By Mandy Adams , Oct 20, 2016 02:35 PM EDT

"Peppa Pig" is one of the most popular children's shows at the moment. In fact, the franchise is so popular that aside from the cartoons, it has a live theater show in St Albans. However, there are stories going around that it can cause autism in children, striking fear into the hearts of parents who allow their kids to watch the show.

Link Between Autism And "Peppa Pig"

Another round of rumors is floating around the web claiming that the well-loved children's show "Peppa Pig" can cause autism. This had been laid to rest years ago but it seemed to have resurfaced recently. The reports cite a 2012 Harvard Univerity study conducted by an epidemiologist named Marc Wildemberg claiming that a child's chances of having autism increase by 56 percent when a child watches "Peppa Pig" for 30 minutes. This doesn't seem like an existing study or autism expert.

This story has been around for some time but certain media outlets decided to run the story again although they have clarified that the study cited is bogus. A quick search for the supposed study that links "Peppa Pig" to autism is bogus. This claim could just be a way to decrease the viewership of the popular series geared towards younger audiences.

Prior to this issue, the series had been linked to bad behavior in children and that it should be banned. However, experts claim that the extent of a cartoon's influence depend on how parents deal with their children to make them understand the meaning behind what they are watching.

"Peppa Pig" Series Run

"Peppa Pig" is a British animated series that centers on a highly relatable female pig called Peppa, her family, and friends. The series is shown in the U.K., U.S., Australia, and Latin America. The first episode of the series aired in May 2004 but it went on hiatus for more than two years before it began airing new episodes again in Feruary 2015.

The animated series was nominated for the British Academy Children's Awards in multiple categories in 2004, 2007 to 2010, and in 2013. It also won the Best Pre-School Animation in 2005, 2011, and 2012.

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