Top 10 Games To Play During Halloween

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Games are what guests are looking for during a party. These are also one of the highlights that people are waiting for during that time. It is a means of having fun while interacting with other people. With the Halloween fast approaching, below is the list of games that should be played on your prepared party:

1. Candy Corn Bingo

This is just similar to the usual Bingo but the numbers is replaced with Halloween related objects. Instead of using the usual values, you could use mimicry of witch hats, ghosts, black cats and broom sticks. Also, use candy corns as markers. Don't forget to shout "Bingo", once you are done.

2. Halloween Jinx Games

It is a game very popular to ever Halloween parties around the globe. It is recommended for adults but could be modified slightly for kids to enjoy it as well. As visitors starting to come up in the party, hand them cards or papers with words on it. Make sure that the words are the same for every guests coming. The words written on the paper are tagged as forbidden words of the night.

When someone accidentally used the words on the list, the others should shout the word "Jinx!" The person who unintentionally said the word would get their cards taken away from them. Thus, they would not form part of the game anymore.

The last person who still has his/her card wins the game. Exciting, right?

3. Candy Corn Count

This could be an initial experience for your invited guests. This game is a wild guessing game and would be easy to people who are expert in estimating.

To play the game, a jar is needed to be filled with candy corns. Then, the guest would try to estimate how many candies are there on the jar. Once a person identifies the exact number, the game ends. You could place candy corns with jellybeans as long as it is fit in the jar.

 You could use the candy corns in the jar as a prize for the winner of the game.

4. The Guess Who Halloween Party Game


This is a guessing game, according to The Balance. Guest needs to guess who the character is designated to them by asking other guests of clues to support them.


This game would break awkwardness in your party because it would require mingling and interacting with other people.

As they enter the party, place a character's name on their back. This would be their identity for the night. Guests are prohibited to tell specifically the characters of the other guests. The players would then ask each other about descriptions of their characters and they would only be answered by Yes or No.

Once the guest got the answer right, he/she must place the paper in front of him/her just for everyone to know that the player already got the correct guess.

5. Mummy Relay Race

 This game is great for kids who want to enjoy the Halloween. According to Good Housekeeping, to play the game you need to divide the guests into two teams. Set a starting point and a finish line for the race to start. Players should choose a representative to be wrapped like a mummy using tissue papers. Once done, the representing mummy needs to run to the finish line. The first team who would be able to get to the end point wins.

Here are still some of the games; you may want to play in your party:

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