Nintendo Switch Officially Unveiled: Trailer Showing Big Problems With Machine's Design?

Nintendo has finally released an introductory video of its newest and latest gaming system, the Nintendo Switch. The video release raises both fascination and questions from avid Nintendo fans as it shows a different approach to console gaming.

The official reveal shows that the device can be detachable from its main unit and can be connected to a wide array of different devices, screens, and can be used on the go. This is a new feature that gamers have only seen before in online games and smartphone applications.

The Nintendo Switch uses a game cartridge, and not the traditional hard drive, solid state drives or CD's, bringing the technology somewhat backward. Gamers are now used to purchasing their games online or using the traditional CD, which is much lighter, thinner, and easier to store.

This raises the questions on how Nintendo plan to minimize wear and tear, as the cartridges of the 80's and 90's tend to collect dust and other particles in the slots at the bottom. However, cartridges are also a lot more durable against wear and tear, which many fans feel is rather ironic, considering the design of the device. 

The Switch also features a somewhat, modular-looking design, which may be a good thing. Having a modular design may mean that users can just buy upgrades in the future to enhance their gaming experience and to remain up to date without having to buy a whole new console.

In the video, the players are seen removing the main core of the unit and attaching it to different accessories. The video also shows how the console can be made on the go. This would be fun if only there is no tendency to drop or misplace the parts while playing on the bus or train. Otherwise, gamers may have to buy extra parts from the get-go to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

The Nintendo Switch calls its controllers the Joy-Con, shown in the video being used by multiple players. The Joy-Con looks a bit flimsy and easy to lose. A hand strap, like the ones in the Wii Remote, may be introduced soon, but until that time comes, gamers may need to have a firm grip on the Joy-Con controllers to avoid buying a new set.

The Nintendo Switch is indeed a mix of old and new technology and is set for release in March 2017. The company still has time to hear out what the gaming community thinks about its newest console and hopefully, will work on improving the design.

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