5 Brand New Steam Games You Need To Check Out

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Recently, Steam has released a list of games that recorded the highest amount of playing time last year and surprisingly, several familiar titles appeared on the recent ranking. Photo : Fırat Ozbay/YouTube

Needless to say, Steam is one of the famous sites where gamers can look up (and even install) new games. And on an average day, there are lots of new titles being launched on it. Sure, this could be a good thing for those who are into gaming; however, keeping track of them (most especially the best ones) could present a rigorous work. Well, not really -- we already did it for you. Here are the top 5 Steam games -- all brand new -- that you definitely need to check out.

Gonner On Steam

Gonner is somewhat a rouge-like action Steam game, only that it has fashion in a sense. The cool thing about it is it lets players explore things on their own, contrary to the ever usual style of teaching them stuff or whatnots. As they go along with the game, they'll discover a number of guns, heads and other items. The challenging part here, though, is learning what each of these items do. The game was released in Oct. 12 by developer Art in Heart and publisher Raw Fury. You can check it out here.

Feel The Snow On Steam

Seemingly inspired by the titular Minecraft, this brand new Steam game falls under the category of action adventure. Heck, it even has glimpses of Stardew Valley and the alike. Nevertheless, the developers (Owlet, Beskr11 and Qame) were able to create it on its own unique way. From building houses to crafting various items, it gives players a new way of experiencing adventure-driven titles. Well, not to mention just how solid its storyline is. Feel the Snow was published by Owlet on Oct. 14, and it can be checked here.

Miniature -- The Story Puzzle On Steam

Developed and published by purpleElephant, Miniature -- The Story Puzzle (released in Oct. 13) is one of the games worth checking in Steam. As the name suggests, it's a puzzle game of sorts -- only it has a story to offer. Its art style as well as its unique perspective towards Miniature are quite astonishing. This game is absolutely a must. For gamers, check it out here.

Manual Samuel On Steam

Manual Samuel is somewhat similar to any other classic adventure titles on Steam. However, it completely differs from the kind of story it tells. The game is simply about a man named Samuel who, in one way or another, must ensure that he's able to control every part of his body manually. Sure, it could be ridiculous to some, but hey, it's definitely the premise of the game. It was first released in Oct. 14 by Curve Digital, with Perfectly Paranormal on the development side of things. You can check it out here!

Viking Squad On Steam

If you're fond of Castle Crashers, then this Steam game should be no stranger to you. It's a co-op brawler title with the same mechanics with the aforesaid game, only with a huge twist as it's a lane-based. It offers a couple of interesting AoE effects and moves. It can be played up to a total of 3 players, and offers both online and LAN gaming. It was launched back in October 4 by developer and publisher Slick Entertainment. Viking Squad can be checked here.

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned brand new Steam games? Which one do you like the most? Have you downloaded one of them already? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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