Pokemon GO On The Nintendo Switch Will Never Happen Despite The Console's Mobility - Here's Why

The internet is freaking out over the release of Nintendo NX. Nintendo's new on-the-go console, officially called the 'Nintendo Switch' whose main goal is to incorporate mobility into a full working console is practically a console that you can take anywhere. Yes it has this intuitive mobile to-go concept; but despite this innovation, seeing Pokemon GO in the console is very unlikely in the future.

Pokemon GO Is Not Built For The Nintendo Switch

Pokemon GO is not built for the Nintendo Switch even though it is a mobile console - practically a tablet with mini controllers that you can take anywhere. The presence of side controllers is a sign that the Nintendo Switch is not a touch screen device. It'll be impossible to swipe and throw the Pokeball.

Although Nintendo Switch will have Wi-Fi for sure, it's highly unlikely that it has GPS. Since it won't have any access to cellular networks, Pokemon GO is a hundred percent ill-suited for the console. And it seems Nintendo didn't have any plans to combine the two together.

Nintendo Switch may not have an external camera. Sure, you might argue that you can play with the AR off, and Niantic could tweak Pokemon GO a bit for it to be compatible with the console. To that end, work will be required for both.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Better For Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sun And Moon is superior to Pokemon GO overall when it comes to engaging gameplay and game design. The only downside though is that you need a Nintendo 3DS before you can play the game, whereas in Niantic's 'augmented reality game' the convenience is within your reach - your phone. All in all, gameplay within the Pokemon Sun And Moon variety will be far more suited for the Switch and its system.

Nintendo Switch is an awesome new on-the-go console that introduces mobility - a feature that current console lack. In this aspect, the Nintendo Switch has an advantage. Everybody would love to play console-grade games anytime, anywhere and the convenience that Nintendo Switch brings is in itself, a must-have.

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