LeBron James Destroyed Kevin Love, Calls Shoe Game Weak

We all know that LeBron James is one of the most gifted players in the NBA and will go down as one of the greatest who ever play the game. Apparently, he is a comedian too and Kevin Love experience it first hand.

Playing a grueling 82 games with your teammates is never easy. You have to go through a lot of frustration, disappointment, and sadness along the way. It is where you bond with your teammates and help each other with every hindstep. You try to develop a relationship as the season goes on. They are your immediate comfort when everything seems to be against you and they are your brothers no matter what you do. But you have to watch your back because they happen to be the biggest pranksters too.

LeBron James' personality is somewhat like a kid. His teammates can attest to that, his previous coach and mostly the fans will agree with me. The 4-time MVP seems to have a lot of tricks in his sleeve. He's the biggest joker on the team and everybody knows that. He made fun of almost all playerers, including The Mamba Kobe Bryant. He tried to mimic the way Kobe draws a play, the way he whistles to Phil, trying to copy his patented jump shot and of course, the way he dresses up.

Well, just earlier today, Kevin Love was the newest victim on the list. LeBron James and Kevin Love have been teammates for 2 years and they are closer than ever. When Slam magazine released a throwback high school photo of Kevin Love, The King noticed something and he made sure everybody will hear about it.

LeBron James was amazed about Love's awful choice of his sneakers. He tried to magnified it and it even made him laugh even more. He then posted Love's pic with a caption that says "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSSSSEEEE!!!" and ending it with a hashtag that says #KickGameWickSauce.

LeBron James has an exclusive shoe deal with Nike so he has all the rights to critique what his All Star power forward is wearing. Also, it is a great tension breaker as the season is about to start next week. Will the Cavaliers be able to defend their title? The question will be answered in June.

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