‘The Winds Of Winter’ Release Date Still Delayed Due To Lost Manuscript; Fans Threaten To Boycott ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

George R.R. Martin's long-awaited book, "The Winds of Winter" has been delayed yet again. The decision to delay the release of the book even further is said to have backfired as threats of fans boycotting "Game of Thrones" season 7 has surfaced.

"The Winds of Winter" was supposed to be released by this year before "Game of Thrones" season 6 was to air. However, much to the annoyance of a lot of fans, it was pushed back to early 2017 and with the recent rumors, "The Winds of Winter" is speculated to be released by 2018 instead.

So, what is the cause of delay now? Reports have mentioned that George R.R. Martin has lost the original draft manuscript of his upcoming novel. If that is true, then fans will really have no choice but to wait. However, several reports also point out that it is impossible for the famed writer to lose his work since his DOS based computer is synced with a backup server which automatically saves his progress.

Fans are clearly distraught by this news was reported to have plans to boycott "Game of Thrones" season 7 to force George R.R. Martin to finish the book quicker. But, Martin is not one to be bullied and threatened with. He was quoted saying, "Ten years from now, no one is going to care how quickly the books came out. The only thing that will matter, the only thing anyone will remember, is how good they were. That's my main concern, and always will be."

It has been more than five years since George R.R. Martin started "The Winds of Winter." And though he sometimes gives sneak peaks of his work through social media, fans have no choice but to wait for the actual release of his book.

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