‘The Simpsons’ Gives Fans Their Own Version Of 'Making A Murderer', Including Itchy And Scratchy

"The Simpsons" has yet released another clip that would make viewers wish that it would always be Sunday.

 Screen Crush stated that the episode for Sunday's "The Simpsons" would leave you asking if the last episode was for Halloween. The TV series has already established 600 episodes and still continues to be adored by its avid viewers. Surely, the additional 300 episodes would make their fan base ask for more of "The Simpsons". It is well-known for parodies that were a total hit to many viewers. For their first take, Itchy & Scratchy will be giving their own taste of 'Making A Murderer', a Netflix's documentary series.

FOX revealed a preview of what's happening next on "The Simpsons" Season 5 Episode 28, which is entitled "Trust but Clarify'. Bart and Lisa, in this episode, would get to see Krusty The Clown form part of "Mousetrapping a Murderer". This wasn't the first time that The Simpson's adapted and used "Making A Murderer" as a basis for their parody. On its previous mashup, it showed Homer standing in for Steven Avery who was twice-incarcerated.

However, the parody used today was light compares to the previous one, as they also realized that 'Making a Murderer' talks about a real murder.

Other than this situation, TV Line stated that you could also actually see Marge helping Homer have his promotion at the power plant and Kent Brockman having a crisis in the varying media landscape.

As "The Simpsons" proved time and again its staying power on TV; it is also expected that they would bring in much laughter to every viewers. Thus, the series make sure to provide crisp and relevant parodies that reveal much of the culture today. This also means connecting the series into references that are interesting and would capture audiences just like the Netflix documentary series 'Making a Murderer'.

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