Halloween Video Games That Are Built For the Thrill

The Evil Within - Launch Trailer
Halloween Parties are everywhere, but gamers are on their gaming consoles despite the scariest season. Photo : Photo by Bethesda Softworks /Youtube

Even gamers have their own way of looking for the adrenaline-pumping experience on the scariest day of the year. They have reserved video games that were designed to feed the fear.

Here is a list of Halloween video games that are designed for players looking for the thrill and would want to celebrate Halloween indoors.

 1. 'Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water'

According to Business Insider, it is a new entry for the hit gaming series "Fatal Frama". It is already out in the market for some places and would soon be release on North American Wii U consoles. Unleash the adventurous within you as you snap photos of ghosts before they would haunt and kill you. This is suited for players who would want to have a screaming night during the Halloween.

2. The Evil Within

The game is directed by the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. The game is tagged as one of the best horror games ever since it was created. Thus, it became popular and most-sought after.

The game would let you play the role of Sebastian Cestellanos as he goes to a supernatural realm filled with strange and thrilling creatures. Not just that, the character would also meet weird landscapes that would add excitement in the game. The game also has combat mechanics similar to those of Resident Evil.

3. The Five Nights At Freddy's Series

Finding a game that you would take even on a noisy party on the night of the Halloween, the Five Nights at Freddy's is perfect and ideal for this. It is very handy and mobile because it could be played in your tablet. Once everything is set, be amazed of the animation of the game that would add thrill and chill while playing. Defeat the villains and be declared as a winner.


The game would center on the character of Simon Jarrett, a foreigner who wakes up in a research facility and was undergoing a brain scan. SOMA would take you into unknown and strange places; the catch is you need to discover the reason behind your situation. It has good sound design, excellent narrative environment and filled of characters with its sole purpose to murder you. One things that's unique in the game is that the setting is underwater.

5. The Killing Floor 2

According to Inverse, the game is for those who would want to experience a zombie-filled environment. Call your friends and began trying this game for the upcoming Halloween. This is not scary and spooky unlike the other games but it is action and suspense-based fame. The game is suited for groups who would pick a class and work hand in hand to survive the game with countless zombies around them.

6. Dead Space

The game was developed by Visceral Games, it is tagged as one of the most popular third-person horror environment. Engineer Isaac Clarke, the lead character in the game, needs to go through space installation and planets filled with necromorphs, an alien zombie. The game is built with surprising strategies to scare the players. Take note that the television monitors could help add some line in your game.

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