FKA Twigs Supports Robert Pattinson In 'Twilight' Movie With Kristen Stewart

By stphntapulao , Oct 23, 2016 03:20 PM EDT

Fans are eagerly waiting for an update regarding the "Twilight" movie but both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been mum with regards to the details of the movie. Other than that,rumors suggests that if Pattinson would choose to be Edward Cullen again, FKA Twigs, his fiancée, would eventually leave him. But recent clarification contradicts the previous statement.

According to Inquisitr, Twigs is never worried and never would be in the way of the possible team-up of the previous couple Pattinson and Stewart.

Some sources stated the stand of Twigs regarding the issue:

 "Tahliah [FKA Twigs] has no problem whatsoever with Rob [Pattinson] working with Kristen if they decide to film another Twilight movie. She doesn't feel threatened by Kristen, especially with the revelation that she is madly in love with her girlfriend.As far as Twilight is concerned, if this is something Rob really has his heart set on, she will of course support his decision."

However, it was revealed that Pattinson himself didn't want to make vampire films anymore. As he believes in his versatility and flexibility as an actor, not sticking into one character and wouldn't be remembered as someone who only played vampire all his life.

As he said in one interview:

 "I think my name on a poster rallies my fan base. I hope to awake their curiosity and show them a different vision of cinema. Don't forget that they grow up too. And they didn't want to see all their lives Robert Pattinson playing a vampire. We tend to devalue the fans. It's a mistake. The fan is an audience member like the others,"

On the other side, some sources revealed that Kristen and Robert were seeing each other secretly in some places. However, neither the two of them confirmed any truth regarding the allegations.

Fans are still hopeful and waiting what would come next for the hit movie and novel "Twilight".

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