Knee Cartilage Repair Using Nose Cells Surprisingly Effective

If your knees usually hurt, don't blame it all to arthritis, although the disease is one of the biggest causes of knee pain. However, arthritis is not the only possible cause of knee pain, swelling, and eventually, disability. As much as painful knees are the bane of existence for a lot of people, a revolutionary new treatment that uses a rather unorthodox method has been devised in order to combat chronic knee pain. 

A recently concluded experiment made by Swiss doctors to 10 adults has successfully shown that the cells from the patients' noses can be used to cure knee cartilage that has been damaged by an injury. It was found that after two years, most of the patients in the study were found to have grown new cartilage in their knees. They also claimed to have a better knee function and quality of life.

CBS News reports that lead researcher Ivan Martin, professor of tissue engineering at the University of Basel has claimed that he and his team had come up with the new and promising approach for the treatment of articular cartilage injuries. Articular cartilage is the tissue in our body that is mainly responsible for covering and protecting the ends of knee bones and the possible injuries that it can have which can likely lead to numerous degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis.

However, as per Medical News Today, Martin and his team noted that although the study has already obtained a promising result, and the study has shown that the methods used are feasible and safe, much research and experiment is still required before it could possibly be made possible for all.

Moreover, they also added that the study has only involved a meager number of participants. Thus no control group has been present during the study and follow-up was quite short.  

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