Xperia XZ Camera Review: Does Sony's Fast Shutter Wonder Have What It Takes To Be The Best?

The Sony Xperia XZ that was unveiled last October 19 is now hot and available in multiple regions around the globe. Read more to know why critics say it could top other giant smartphone brands and why you should also consider having this phone in your hands.

The Christmas holidays are coming. With stress of what gifts to buy, where to spend your vacation and what camera to use in capturing those precious timeless moments, the Sony Xperia XZ may be the one for you.

Sony promises that the Xperia XZ is the best phone for capturing action shots. With its high-end performance cameras, new design and its new features, it is a far cry from Sony's previous Z range flagship smartphones.

Here are some of the cool specs that could really make you consider of buying one according to the Irish Examiner:

The Look

The edges are folded into softly rounded curves. The pack panel is made from high purity ALKALEIDO material which brings a cool touch of brush metal that is also tough enough for everyday wear. This would be appreciated by users, especially those who prefer to use their phones without protective cases.

The Back Camera

The Sony Xperia XZ is equipped with a huge 23-megapixel sensor. The camera uses laser guided and predictive autofocus technology to help you lock on pretty much instantly. It even works quite well in low light, so you won't be searching for focus during party shots. Even video recording is top quality.

The Front Camera

The XZ has a 13 megapixel shooter. The selfie camera features a wide angle lens which lets you fit more in and with high sensitivity, though it's not quite as capable in darker conditions compared to the back camera.

In a written article at Rappler, just to prove a point, Sony had the media sit down in front of two teppanyaki chefs and let a person take pictures using the Sony Xperia XZ. Sony had chosen the setting for two things: the setting was dark and the chefs, who were the subjects, were moving fast.

It was an indoor setting with no strong light source apart from the occasional burst of flame from the skillet. As the chefs started their routine and the photographer spammed the shutter button on the touchscreen, the shots taken were very clear without any hint of blurriness. 

Indeed, the Sony Xperia XZ might very well be one of the best smartphones in today's market. With a top-notch camera, it could be the device to beat in this year's list for best smartphone cameras. 

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