'Arrow' Season 5 News And Updates: 100th Episode To Crossover With 'The Flash,' 'Legends Of Tomorrow,' And 'Supergirl'

"Arrow" season five is already now currently on its fifth season, and given the number of episodes the series has already aired, they are now closer to their 100th episode. Thus, the storyline of its most awaited season has been a teaser to many fans.

Upcoming 100th Episode Of "Arrow" Season 5 Confirmed To Be Entitled "Invasion!"

Currently, "Arrow" is now on its season five and with the new members in Team Arrow revealed, there is definitely more in store for the fan-favorite vigilante on CW. The upcoming season five episode 8 of the series will already be its 100th episode, and although it won't air until sometime late this year, the fans have already been teased of its title and storyline. As revealed by executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the series' 100th episode will be entitled "Invasion!"

However, that is not all there is to it. Its' parallel series "Legends of Tomorrow" will also be entitled "Invasion!" around the time the 100th episode airs. Thus, there is no need to guess what "The Flash" and "Supergirl" titles are going to be. In line with this, it has then been most likely confirmed that the most awaited 100th episode of "Arrow" will feature a crossover among the three other televisions shows of the DC universe.

100th Episode Of "Arrow" To Crossover With Other DC-Based CW Series To Take Down A Powerful Alien Race

The title "Invasion!" is in reference to the upcoming arrival of aliens into the planet, a powerful alien race called the Dominators and they are coming to the planet to sap away the powers of the superheroes around. This will explain why the heroes of "Arrow," "Legends of Tomorrow," "The Flash" and "Supergirl" are coming together to save each other and their worlds. Nevertheless, the series will not steer away from its current storyline and its current villains as well. It will simply just be a tribute episode to the longest running series among the four DC superhero television shows.

"Arrow" season five is about to air its episode five of the season and the much awaited 100th episode is as close as it can ever get.

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