Nintendo Switch Trailer: Now The Most Popular Video In the Company’s YouTube Channel

Only three days after the release of the first look at Nintendo's Switch, the trailer is now the most popular video in the company's channel with 16.5M views. This is almost twice the number of views of the next most popular video, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Official Game Trailer, with only 9M views.

Audience's Reactions About Switch

The product already received mixed reactions from the audience after Nintendo revealed Switch's key features through the trailer. Some people find Switch more convenient due to its high mobility while some people were discouraged by the controller's size.

Being the only console powered by NVIDIA, people also are now being curious on how the product will perform in terms of display. The market price of the product also remains a mystery. A lot of speculations have now surrounded Switch; which led Nintendo to stop releasing more information about this new technology.

Interestingly, 400,000 Youtube users liked the trailer while almost 20,000 disliked it. In this data, we can assume that majority of the audience are looking forward to the official release of the product in 2017.

How Will Switch Affect The Users?

Its high adaptability with other technological resources and its flexibility to different scenarios, as what was advertised, is very promising. These features will give gamers experience they never had. This console has the most number of possibilities compared to other gaming platforms, which makes it more interesting.

A lot of third-party companies are also showing support to the system. Nintendo reported a total 40 software partners who are willing to work with Switch. Meaning, there will be lots of games available for this platform which is quite beneficial to users.

After seeing the trailer, people are now expecting a unique product with the ability to take gaming to another level. This innovation shows that the possibilities are not limited to what we presently have; which makes it all the more exciting.

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