PlayStation News: The Last Guardian Has Officially Done Development; No Day One Patches Needed, Release Date Revealed

The Last Guardian has finally reached end of development stage and is currently prepping up for mass production. PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida finally (really, this is it) set out word that the game has gone Gold. And at this point, we are not sure if fans are happy to hear about it, or if the excitement is lost after almost 10 years of waiting.

For those who don't know, a Gold release is a stage in software development cycle where the game has passed Alpha and Beta states, reports. This means that the The Last Guardian's latest build is A-Okay when it comes to rigorous testing and playability. This also means that there won't be any need for day one patches as this has been the trend for modern video games with the advancement of internet speeds - which is worth for people patiently waiting. It would be a disaster for a game to take a decade to build and then requires a day one patch.

Why isn't this a huge fad anymore?

The reason why this isn't as much fad as it could have been is that The Last Guardian started development in 2007 and fans have been eager since then. Time passes, and you guessed it, the excitement degrades. Nonetheless, the attempt was to make a worthy follow-up for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

With today's technology compared to 10 years ago, the bet that graphics will be a lot better is beyond question, what really needs to be proven are story, gameplay, and most important: the experience. The decision to shift from PS3 exclusive to PS4 happened in 2013, prior to the unveiling of the current generation. This is probably one of the reasons why the game suffered a lot of delays. Here is the Tweet from Yoshida-san:

Release date, tell me, tell me, tell me!

The Last Guardian will be rolling out exclusively for the PS4 on Dec. 6, PS4 Pro version is yet to be confirmed. Are you excited about this game? How long have you waited? Show us your 'yey' or 'meh' on the comments section below. Here is a sampler from the much awaited game:

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