Samsung Desperate As It Offers Galaxy Note 7 Discounts

Samsung is, somehow, still in a lot of turmoil even after the discontinuity of its Galaxy Note 7 lineup, as reports have been circulating regarding the Korean company potentially losing a lot of loyal users, who are claiming to be abandoning even future Samsung devices. With that, new reports have been issued regarding Samsung considering to give the Galaxy Note 7 customers a full discount for the upcoming Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 devices.

Note 7's exploding batteries

When the Galaxy Note 7 finally launched in August, Samsung announced that it had the largest amount of demands for its smartphone in recent years. Things were going pretty well, and it seemed that Samsung was on the verge of a great year in terms of sales. Then it hit them. Just when the Note 7 was on the rise in sales and demands, numerous reports of exploding Samsung Note 7 batteries began circulating all over the internet at a rapid pace.

Samsung tries to salvage the Note 7

Because the problem was getting out of hand, the tech company issued a recall of the devices, which halted sales. They promised to fix the exploding battery problem, later shipped freshly new Note 7 replacements to all Note 7 customers, and officially resumed sales yet again. But it didn't solve the problem at all, as the replacement Note 7's still had exploding batteries. Samsung finally made the inevitable decision: shut down the Note 7 completely and focus on satisfying their disappointed customers.

Samsung offers 50% discount on upcoming devices

In yet another effort to compensate for its faulty Galaxy Note 7, reports have been circulating that Samsung is giving Note 7 customers a discount offer for their upcoming devices, the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8, that's if the company doesn't shut down the Note series completely. The discount is reported to be up to 50% for every Note 7 user that would present their receipt when the devices will hit the market next year.

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