Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Banned From Air Flight?

Samsung seems to be on the verge of moving on after the nightmare that they had with their Galaxy Note 7. The tech giant has been seen making strides to compensate with the whole fiasco, which was making recalls, offering discounts to Note 7 users, to even refunding their money. But probably the best solution they could think of was to ultimately shut the Note 7 series down for good. Which they did, indicating that Samsung has finally given up on its efforts of reviving the phablet's torn reputation, and is now focused on its future devices.

Samsung can't catch a break

Unfortunately, Samsung is still on the hot seat. The Korean tech company is still drowning from critics and issues pointing at their devices as a whole. It seems as if people are now generalizing the whole issue. Even the upcoming Galaxy 8 is being considered as yet another disaster as mentioned in some reports. People are even considering Samsung and Fire as synonymous words. Simply put, Samsung just can't take a break.

Issues just keep on coming

During the first weeks of the Note 7, it was smooth sailing, and people were actually giving it some very positive feedback. But during the time when the exploding battery issue was among us, the Note 7 has received nothing but critics and insults, which also gave more reason for Samsung to ultimately shut it down for good. Samsung made a lot of effort in reviving the Note 7 and their dwindling reputation, but everything was all in smokes, and issues just kept on coming. Issues are still going on even after the official discontinuity of the Note 7

Note 7s are now officially banned from air flights

The biggest issue reported recently was the FAA's declaration of banning the Galaxy Note 7 from any aircraft. Warnings are even announced regarding the banning of the Note 7 before and during every commercial flight. If you are caught bringing a Note 7 on board any plane, you will be subjected to federal punishment, which will either be a penalty fine or imprisonment. What's worse is that you could even be dubbed as a terrorist. You have been warned.

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