Pokemon GO-Inspired Augmented Reality Games Expected To Sprout Soon

Pokémon GO, like many other games in the hype, is predicted to slow down in the coming years in many aspects possible. Before Niantic was able to bring to life an augmented reality game like Pokémon GO, many game developers were overly reluctant with the idea. Given the ultra-success of Pokémon GO, many game developers have now turned tables and are expected to work on augmented reality games.

More Pokémon GO-Inspired Augmented Reality Games

More Pokémon GO-inspired augmented reality (AR) games are expected to sprout in the coming years following the unbeatable triumph of Niantic. Inspired by the way AR projects an engaging environment, many game developers will soon be seeing more players delight in virtual and physical worlds at the same time.

Up And Rising Games

Kitty Powers of Magic Notion and Redshirt of The Tiniest Shark are some of the up and rising games that will soon be played in AR. In a previous report from The Guardian, Magic Notion chief Richard Franke said that AR makes a good jumpstart to enhance dating games like Kitty Powers.

Meanwhile, Mitu-Khandaker-Kokoris, the woman behind the indie game developer The Tiniest Shark, expressed her interest to use AR to revolutionize interactions of characters in corporeal environment. Funomena game designer and producer Robin Hunicke behind Woorld Luna noted that AR will make a more enjoyable game.

Things To Learn From Niantic

As noticeable as the flaws of Pokémon GO, there are some things to learn from Niantic though. Sure the location-based game brings together players in reality, so is in this way loses social interaction too. Apart from that, Niantic seemed too engrossed with reality that Pokémon GO makes player vs. player battles inside the world of the game not viable. In order to sustain its phenomenal popularity, or at least, reduce its dwindling reputation, Niantic has to do something more than what augmented reality offers.


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