Call of Duty Fake Easter Eggs Fooled and Outraged CoD Players

In the world of gaming, there has been a rivalry going on between Call of Duty and Battlefield enthusiasts regarding which is the best game between the two. This rivalry becomes even stronger with the release of these two games this year. Battlefield 1 has just been released while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available in the market on Nov. 4. With the CoD release a week from now, one Battlefield 1 player made some pranks which outraged the former's fans.

Between the two games, Call of Duty receives more criticism for its use of futuristic setting and space combat which has made it a favorite target of jokes and pranks. The latest prank was made by a Battlefield 1 fan to troll Call of Duty by creating fake Easter eggs and hide them in the game.

The Easter egg in question happened when the player decided to blow a hole in the ground using a handful of grenades. After that smoke cleared out, there is an image of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in the sand with a prompt that says, "Press 'F' to pay respects."

The video is hilarious because it segued smoothly from a deadly battle to a very funny prank. However, hardcore Call of Duty fans don't take this lightly as they take it as an insult to their favorite game. Watch the video below and judge for yourself whether it is funny or not.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 has also its share of criticisms in social media who said that EA created a great injustice by not including female and black soldiers in the game. Although they have a point, some of those who defended the game said that Battlefield 1 is just being realistic saying that it was set during World War 1 and most of those who are involved in war operations at that time were white guys.

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