Game Dev Couple Got Engaged Through Destiny, Thanks To Bungie

Who would have thought that a video game company would help a couple get engaged --- in a video game? Not kidding, Bungie, known for the Halo series, somehow made it possible for a game dev to ask a beloved's (also a game dev) hand in marriage in Destiny (no pun intended). And yes, we are talking about the popular online first-person shooter game.

Thanks to Bungie's custom items and a new emote, the game dev couple who made every gamer jealous are Adriel Wallick, who organizes Train Jam, and Rami Ismael, Vlambeer game developer (Nuclear Throne).

Marriage Proposal in Destiny

According to Ismail's tweets, the proposal started after he went to the Postmaster and received a note named "A Letter From Adriel" which contained the official proposal and heartfelt note. The fun didn't stop there, Ismail then got a legendary artifact dubbed as "The Ring of Eternity" - "for Guardians who have found their perfect match." And to those who are curious, yes, Bungie specifically made an in-game engagement ring. Plus, a brand new emote which allowed Wallick's Guardian to get down in one knee in a classic pose for asking the lover's hand in marriage.

The rare marriage proposal almost didn't finish due to an internet outage where the couple had to wait prior to Ismail learning about the Destiny proposal. Thankfully, the Destiny downtime didn't take too long and Ismail answered "yes".

Marriage Proposals in Games

While this may be one of the tear-jerking and exciting marriage proposals we may have heard which involved gaming, this isn't actually the first time a head-over-heels in love gamer proposed. Game Designer Mike Mika from Other Ocean, for example, hid the question in a code while porting Klax (Atari game) to the Game Boy Color.

Now to those who are wondering if the items used in the Destiny marriage proposal were to be made available for other players, we'll probably hear about it soon from the ever sneaky Bungie.

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