Josh Hamrick, Former Destiny Developer, Returns To Bungie After A Year At Bethesda

Josh Hamrick confirms on Twitter that he will return to Bungie Studios after a year spent at Bethesda Game Studios. He will resume work on Destiny 2 and Rise of Iron. reported that confusion and debate rose among Destiny fans as senior designer Josh Hamrick released a statement that he was leaving Bungie to work for Bethesda, this was last year, don't worry. Destiny did have its rollercoaster ride as its status since it launched in 2014 but despite that, Hamrick was largely credited by Destiny's followers particularly with its astounding qualities like the sandbox elements and work around groundwork for the game's gunplay.

Now, a year after working at Bethesda, Hamrick has decided to go back to his roots. His statement on Twitter has raised excitement among the Destiny community, particularly this Destiny subreddit.

Hamrick's humble beginnings on Destiny had him started at Bungie via its expansion, The Taken King. One of his greatest achievements was the design on Gjallarhorn, considered to be one of the most powerful, aside from its awesomeness, and best designed weapons coming from the original version of Destiny. With Rise of Iron, another expansion, due to be released in a month or less, it is unlikely that Destiny fans will notice any of Hamrick's input anytime soon. However, he is expected to play a major role in Destiny 2 which is currently in development, set to launch in 2017.

As for Bethesda's side, they treat it as understandable and friendly as Hamrick posted on Twitter a heart-melting message geared towards his Bethesda family as he steps out to go back to Bungie Studios. Hamrick's notable work on Bethesda, as the company credited, was his design on Fallout 4's Vita controls for remote play. He is also linked to the gunplay on Fallout 4 being inspired by Destiny.

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