GTA VI Delay Finally Uncovered; Rockstar May Release Game By 2020 Or Beyond?

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is a highly anticipated game that may take several years before it can be release. Rockstar has a very big reason why it's not in a hurry to release the GTA 6.

Rockstar Games To Break GTA Production Cycle?

Rockstar Games usually releases a Grand Theft Auto game every five years. In theory, GTA 6 should be coming out on 2018. However, such release date is doubtful and the most optimistic prediction is either on 2020 or probably even beyond that.

Rockstar Games and GTA Online

Rockstar Games developed GTA V way back in 2013. Interestingly, the developer has yet to release a DLC pack for the fifth GTA installment. This early, Rockstar would have made some hints about an upcoming GTA game but it has not done so.

Some have speculated that the upcoming GTA 6 will have some virtual reality (VR) feature attached to it which is the reason for the delay, according to Frag Hero. Others pointed out the costs for developing the GTA 6 is going to cost by as much as half billion dollars.

But now it had been confirmed that there is one big reason for this seemingly lack of news from the developer - GTA Online. It seems the online multiplayer game is funneling more than $700 million to the developer and the revenue stream is not slowing down anytime soon.

So players waiting for an upcoming GTA 6 should blame the massive success of GAT Online. However, Rockstar could hardly be blamed for shelving its GTA 6 project for the moment. The online game is still expanding and plans are still underway to add more contents.

GTA VI Possible Release Date

GTA Online is a suitable distraction while waiting for the upcoming GTA 6. Judging by the online game's success, it's not improbable that the sixth GTA installment would take longer than 2020 before its release.

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