Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 News Update: Release Date 2017, Togashi And Takeuchi Collaborated

The Chapter 361 of Hunter X Hunter will be aired soon on television. With the news roaming around the globe, the excitement of the fans is still high just like before. Rumors spread that Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the manga series, is already helping his wife Naoko Takeuchi despite of his back problems to speed up the work and release it as soon as possible. Fans should expect that Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 might be released in February 2017.

Movie News Guide stated that Takeuchi continued the work left by Togashi, her husband. The manga illustrator suffered from uncontrollable and severe back pains which led to a sudden pause on the production of the manga series. But with Takeuchi as the replacement, Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 might continue regularly.

However, fans from all over the world are not quite sure of the skills and capabilities of Takeuchi despite being a popular anime creator who made 'Sailor Moon'. The management, on the other side, disagrees with the perspective of the supporters.

It was also revealed that if Togashi would not be able to get well in the months the management stated, they might continue working with Takeuchi for the Sason 3 of Hunter X Hunter. With this, the Sailor Moon artist needs to find new script different from that of the illustration.

On the other side, Chatt Sports Net told that the last chapter following the latest titled 'Parasite' featured Kurapika's exploration to find out the one responsible for the massive killing in Black Whale. Fans believed that Chapter 361 would focus on the progress of the quest and the battle between Kurapika and Nen Beast.

Supporters and readers of Hunter X Hunter hopes that Togashi would get well and continue his journey as a manga artist, being popular and still authentic.

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