Reading Books With Your Child Effective In Skills Development, Says New Study

Spending quality time with your child is just as crucial as seeing him grow and develop certain skills that he would be able to use in the latter part of life. In a recent study, it was found that if parents aspire their child to be successful in the field of science and technology, they must start putting down those electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones and start reading books to their children.

According to reports released by, Dr Shane Bergin, a physicist, lecturer and researcher in science education at University College Dublin (UCD) suggests that the mere act of reading books to children has an intense impact when it comes to learning rather than letting them use an electronic device.

Additionally, Bergin claims that parents would often assume that because their child plays with a tablet and other gadgets, they're already learning about technology or even learning from those educational apps. He said that children are getting used to an environment where adult members of the family are regularly glued to technology, which should not be the case. Parents, of all the people, play a vital role in developing the younger members when it comes to learning skills which primarily involves interaction and stories.

The Times Standard has also reported that in today's modern world, digital storytelling have already transformed how young people learn. However, reading a book to a child, though underrated, is still one of the most effective ways to promote early literacy.

Furthermore, Dr. Bergin believes that when you give a child a book, in this case reading it to them, you can be sure of the what's inside, since the information has already been carefully selected and organized. It's like someone has already arranged the whole plot to start a conversation between the parents and their little ones.

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