'Mr. Robot' Season 3 News Update: Elliot Alderson's Different Character Revealed

Even if the premiere of the third season of Mr. Robot is still far, Sam Esmail, the creator of the show already gave clues with what could happen on the characters of the series. One thing he had confirmed though, Elliot Alderson would be different than the usual.

The known hacker in the previous season was told to change for the upcoming season, according to Movie News Guide. The creator Esmail told:

 "Season three, and the way I've been thinking about it, is sort of the return to Elliot - but not the naive Elliot we saw at the beginning of the season,"

The source reiterated that during the previous season Elliot faced different things in his character; torture and manipulation for example. But with all that he had experienced, Elliot seems to get rid of his lowly character and start having sense of control. Some speculated that the character would move from the evil and stronger side of his personality in the upcoming season.

On the other side, some news also told that fans already saw Joanna Wellick being a controller on the past season. Would she still remain as obedient spouse as she is in the past season? Or will it change for the upcoming installment?

Some also questioned the whereabouts of Tyrell Wellick, portrayed by Martin Wallstrom. Is he just simply an illusion of Elliot just like Mr. Robot? Or is he real?

Some also believed that, with the title suggesting a "Mr. Robot", there is also a Ms. Robot. Some speculations believed that Angela might be the counterpart of the suggested title.

Not just that, fans should also expect a free Tyrell on the third season. The show will probably air by next year, 2017, but there is still no definite date declared by the management and its creator.

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