George R.R. Martin's Most-Awaited 'Winds Of Winter 'Already Being Proofread; To Be Released On January 2017?

The release of George R.R. Martin's sixth installment to the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series entitled "Winds of Winter" has been long anticipated by the fans. There have been reports claiming that the book is now currently being proofread already and is ready for release by January 2017.

"Winds Of Winter" Release Date Get Mixed Speculations; Author Admits To Slow Writing

There have been many speculations and allegations when talking about the release date of "Winds of Winter," George R.R. Martin's most-awaited sixth installment of his book series. Others have said that the release won't be until 2018, due to the author admitting that he is a slow writer. There are also allegations that the book release might even be cancelled. However, none of these shall ever be taken seriously until the author himself makes the announcement.

George R.R. Martin once admitted that one of the reasons the book is getting more and more delayed than expected is his old age, prompting him to write even slower than he normally used to. Thus, it makes it hard for him to continually write the story, as there is so much material and concepts that need to be considered in writing the "Winds of Winter" and taking them all into consideration can be a lot of work.

"Winds Of Winter" To Be Released After The Season 7 Finale Of "Game Of Thrones?"

There have been reports recently that the author is waiting to release the "Winds of Winter" after the "Game of Thrones" season seven finale. This is to avoid divulging any spoilers that may be obtained in the HBO series, as it will already be his last installment for the books series. However, since the author hasn't made any announcement yet, it is safe to say there could still be other options when it comes to its release date.

"Winds Of Winter" Already Being Proofread And Ready To Be Released In January 2017

According to some reports, "Winds of Winter" is currently being proofread already, and is ready to be released by January 2017, or in that quarter at the very least. There have even been spoilers to its storyline, claiming that there will be more deaths in the upcoming book installment. As it has been alleged that the sixth book installment will already be the last, it will reportedly be more bloody than the previous ones.

In line with this, there still hasn't been any official announcement yet as to when the "Winds of Winter will be released.

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