Valve Releases Major Update For Team Fortress 2 Including Three New Maps

Valve has finally released Scream Fortress VIII, an update for one of its successful free-to-play games, Team Fortress 2, in celebration of the Halloween event. The update includes new maps, items, tools, and more.

What's New And What's Not On Scream Fortress VIII

The game's patch for the Halloween celebration includes three new community maps - Brimstone, Pit of Death, and the Maple Ridge Event. Also added is a new Creepy Crawly Collection named Creepy Crawly Case that contains 21 new items created by the community. Taunt Unusualifier also comes with the patch that enables the players to Unusualify a specified taunt. Other contents added are new taunts and new effects for unusual hats.

Scream Fortress VIII has the same event as last year's where you collect souls of dead players by killing enemies for your Soul Gargoyle. You can also do map objectives in order to gather Soul Gargoyles or just collect ones that spawn in the maps.

Friendly Update For Everyone Who Clamors Unusual Effects

This event is very valuable for players who are fond of unusual effects. For the duration of the whole event, Valve said, "all unusual cosmetics that you unbox from any case of crate will have a Halloween 2016 unusual effect". They also doubled the chance of receiving an unusual cosmetic across all cases including the very old ones.

Valve Is Making Up For Not Having Diretide

While Dota fan boys and girls are experiencing heartbreaks for not having Diretide, Dota 2's version of Halloween event, Valve seems to be making up for their fans by releasing this update. It would be very disappointing if there is no Halloween event in one of Valve's free-to-play games.

This year's marketing of Valve despairs a lot of fans as it offers no Halloween event in Dota, their biggest game, which also happens to be one of the biggest game in video game industry; instead, they released a paid documentary series entitled True Sight.

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