‘Prison Break’ Revival: Wentworth Miller Confirms Season 6?

The revival of the American television series, “Prison Break” has gotten fans hyped all around the world and just recently, star of the series, Wentworth Miller has reportedly announced that there will be more episodes planned for the revival.

“Prison Break” ended rather short when its supposed final season came into play on Fox channel last May 2009. But a few years later, the series was picked up and it was announced that “Prison Break” will be revived, giving fans of the drama series a beacon of light. The said series has been confirmed to return with Season 5 in spring of 2017.

According to previous news, “Prison Break” will be a limited series and it will pick up after Michael’s apparent death, suggesting even that the said character might be alive. Sara teams up with Lincoln to produce the biggest prison escape yet and notorious escapees namely T-Bag, C-Note, and Sucre will be back in action. As if this was not enough to draw the attention of fans, Wentworth Miller has given further details regarding “Prison Break” that might just give fans more reason to be excited.

Wentworth Miller had an interview with Digital Spy and he revealed, “The reboot is nine new episodes airing in spring 2017, and then depending on how it’s received, and who’s available, there could be another conversation about another bite of the apple.”

Apparently, despite the nine-episode new season of the revival of “Prison Break”, another season is in the works. But the sixth season will only be possible depending on how well the revival is received. That makes sense as 20th Century Fox Television would not want to continue production of a series that might as well be dead. It has been reported that the revival of “Prison Break” is actually a big risk hence the limited number of episodes but fortunately the pilot episode released in August 2015, as well as the recent trailer are being received well by the public.

The trailer of the revival of “Prison Break”, which returns with Season 5, has been released on May 16, 2016. “Prison Break” Season 5 is scheduled to be released in 2017 and will air on Fox every Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

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