The Weakness Of The All New 'Nintendo Switch' Revealed

Nintendo has officially revealed its newest console just this week. The latest Nintendo Switch is what people have been calling the NX for months as we have direly waited for the official announcement. Now that the Switch has been confirmed, it actually turned out as what we all have been expecting it to be. As far anyone is concerned, the overall system of the Switch looks very solid and promising. With the Switch, it basically turns a console into a handheld gaming system, which will give players the capability to play their much-beloved Nintendo games at the comfort of their home or on the go, all in one system for every user's convenience.

 Issues regarding the Nintendo Switch

But apart from price, battery life may arguably be the biggest potential issue with the Switch. But to make things clear, we have no legit idea about the upcoming console yet. We are not sure about what the battery life will be, or whether the Switch will be incorporated with a touchscreen or not, or anything about its storage capacity or the power capabilities of the entire system, or if it will have the same power if it is docked or used on the go. The only thing certain right now is that Switch is coming, and it launches on March of 2017. Surely at this late stage, many of the questions people have about the new hardware have ready answers, but it's all speculations for now. We need to wait a few more months for its official release.

The main weakness of the Nintendo Switch

Probably the only weakness of the Switch right now is Nintendo itself. With the coming of the console, a lot of questions have been swirling around regarding the moves that the Japanese tech company will do. Will Nintendo support the console during its launch by adding a strong line-up of amazing games to play on it? Will they promote the Switch further into the bigger consumer market? Or will they redo the Wii's marketing failure? So many questions are underlying Nintendo, which will be solved when the Switch finally comes out in the open. Only time will tell.

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