Battlefield 1 Glitch Defies Laws of Nature and Physics; Will DICE Release A Patch For The Burning Airship Bug?

For the last few days, Battlefield 1 has been the most-talked-about game since it was released Oct. 21. Who wouldn't? EA DICE was able to astound players with its immersive gameplay and graphics and unforgettable multiplayer experiences. In fact, the game has a 9 out of 10 rating from IGN and a 4.5 out of 5 from Metacritic. So yes, Battlefield 1 is considered to be one of this year's top notch FPS game releases.

But of course, not every game is perfect. And newly released games seemed to have glitches and bugs and Battlefield 1 is not an exception.

Battlefield 1 Bug

While Battlefield 1 single-player campaign has been praised from critics and gamers everywhere for its intense gameplay, the multiplayer campaign is still considered to be the main focus, including weird glitches. And one of these bugs feature an airship defying laws of physics and nature as it turns into a tornado of fire.

Battlefield 1 Burning Airship Glitch

The burning glimp glitch in Battlefield 1 occurs when the Behemoth vehicle is about to go down after being attacked. As expected, the airship will catch fire and will slowly descent towards the ground and will land somewhere in the map while burning, right? However, in Battlefield 1, something more dramatic happened.

As if straight out from a Michael Bay movie, the airship starts to spin in a fast rate while it unleashes flames all over the area. This ridiculous display of fire tornado was reported to have happened a couple of times in Battlefield 1 multiplayer campaign.

Will DICE fix the Battlefield 1 glitch?

Fortunately for DICE EA, the Battlefield 1 glitch appeared to be humorous rather than annoying that players didn't seem to report negative effects from it. In fact, Battlefield 1 is quite known to feature bizarre items such as the smallest handgun and being able to play as a pigeon.

As for the bug fix for Battlefield 1, there has been no official word yet whether DICE would indeed patch the so-called Blimp-nado out but still, we have to admit, it is one of the most bizarre game glitches ever.

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