LinkedIn Is Sending $20 To Many Users, Could You Be One Of Them?

Social network LinkedIn is reportedly sending a $20 check to many users, because of a class action suit over the issue of consent and the way that the California-based company operated its Add Connection feature between 2011 and 2014, which allowed users to import their personal contacts into the site´s system and then have invitations to connect send out on their behalf.

LinkedIn Sends Annoying Emails To Its Users

According to Digital Trends, the suite explained that when the targeted contact didn't respond to the invitation within a certain period of time, LinkedIn would send two additional reminder emails repeating the invitation.

Although many users may have given LinkedIn permission to send out the initial invitation -as stated in the court documents- they didn't consent the sending of the two reminder emails, which represented a lack of clarity in the site´s terms of service that led the company to settle the action for $13 million.

This is practically the usual problem where many users agree to mail their inbox contact about them, but are disagree to repeatedly receive the same question, which is what LinkedIn was doing through the Add Connection feature, and people felt annoyed for it. According to The Inquirer, there is a site page that looks to solve the problem that the feature created.

Are You One Of The Many Users Who Could Receive $20?

"The Net Settlement Fund will be distributed to Authorized Claimants on a pro rata basis, which means the payment amount depends on the number of Authorized Claimants. If the number of Authorized Claimants results in a payment amount of less than $10, LinkedIn will add an additional amount of up to $750,000 to the $13 million fund," it says.

"If a Settlement Class Member submits a timely and valid Claim Form by December 14, 2015, and the Court gives final approval to the Settlement, the Authorized Claimant will receive his or her payment about 90 days after the Court gives final approval of the Settlement, assuming that no one files an appeal challenging the Settlement."

Although many users have received the $20, not everyone can get that payout, since it is only available to those who were part of the last´s year class action. Digital Trends reported that nine lead plaintiffs will each receive around $165, while the majority of those involved will each receive the $20. If you are one of the many users who received that money, you have to deposit it before January 12 next year.

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