iPhone 7 Allegedly Explodes, Destroys Car In Australia

An Australian surfer instructor named Mat Jones claimed that his new iPhone 7 exploded into flames inside his car, setting his vehicle ablaze. Apparently, he just left the smartphone wrapped into a pair of clothes and went to give a lesson, only to find his car filled with smoke when he returned.

iPhone 7 Self-Combusts Inside The Car

According to the Daily Mail, Jones bought the iPhone 7 just a week ago and it cost more than $1000. He argued that he has not damaged it, nor used a replacement charger. The surfer instructor strongly asserted that this device was the root of the incident, since there wasn't any kind of object that could generate a fire inside his car.

"As I looked into my car, you could not see inside the car. All the windows were just black. Pretty much it's like a big heat wave, just came out of the car. Ash was just coming from inside the pants. Once you unwrapped the pants the phone was just melting inside of it," the surf instructor Jones told Yahoo 7 News.

If it is proved that the iPhone 7 actually exploded without being previously damaged, this could mean an important setback to Apple´s interest, since this is a mobile device that has incredible popularity. For many tech specialists and consumers, it became the greatest smartphone in the world after the Samsung´s Galaxy Note 7, which was the main competitor in the industry, retired due to exploding issues.

Many Other iPhone 7s Have Also Exploded

Far from being the first time that something like this happens with the Apple´s phone, a Redditor named kroopthesnop posted some pictures of an exploded iPhone 7 last month, creating a huge controversy because of its similarity to what was happening with the Galaxy Note 7, as reported by the International Business Times. Apparently, he just commented in the Reddit threat that "I'm not certain, but something happened between the factory and delivery."

Although there have been two other recent cases of people reporting their iPhone 7´s explosion, it was proven that in both cases, the mobile devices were damaged physically. Regarding the surfer´s case, however, Apple has stated that it is aware of the complaints and has started an investigation.

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