‘Suits' Season 6 Return Date And Spoilers: Series Creator Aaron Korsh Reveals Details

The American TV series, “Suits” has been on a hiatus since its last episode aired and the creator of the series, Aaron Korsh has taken the liberty of revealing some details fans would look out for in the series.

Everybody who has been following the TV legal drama series, “Suits” would still be probably trying to get over the midseason finale the series left fans with. “Suits” Season 6 Episode 10 titled “P.S.L.” aired last Sept. 14 and it shocked fans when it revealed that Jessica Pearson, the tough lady lawyer, will be leaving the firm to focus on domestic affairs. Unfortunately for the fans, it seems like the leave is permanent as Jessica Pearson’s character will not be part of the main cast anymore as Gina Torres, who plays the said character, has decided to leave the show.

Aaron Korsh, creator of the “Suits” series has shed some light into this and explained that even if it was against his will, Gina Torres wanted out and actually requested that her character gets a graceful exit from the “Suits” television series. Korsh further revealed through Deadline, that actress Torres was going through some things in her life and needed to live primarily in Los Angeles instead of Toronto where the “Suits” series filmed. It has been reported though that Torres left the show after the summer midseason because her contract with the show was up and that she will be starring in a new show on ABC called “The Catch”.

Korsh also divulged that Jessica Pearson may be out of the picture for now but he will definitely not shut the door on that character. He is hoping and probably hinting that Jessica Pearson will make an appearance sooner or later. Korsh then heads on to discuss that “Suits” Season 6 will return with the firm in a chaos. Harvey Specter and Louis Litt will be left to manage the firm without Jessica Pearson and they are going to have a difficult time managing the change. Korsh revealed that despite Pearson’s shocking exit, the series will focus little on the conflict over who’s going to run the show around the firm now.

With Pearson gone now, there are rumors too of a surprise character making an appearance in the series to help with the managing of the confused state of the firm. Korsh has also discussed of a few of the possible plots that the series might touch like that Rachel’s father, Robert Zane will be hesitating the merger offer of the firm since Pearson is gone now, Donna will be making her own decisions of finding someone new to help Harvey with the manning of the firm, and maybe even a wedding or none at all for Mike Ross or Louis. “Suits” Season 6 will return with its new episode on January 2017 on USA Network.

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