'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Updates: Luke Cage Returns? Marvel Superheroes To Make Cameos

Since the first season ended, fans have been earnestly waiting for "Jessica Jones" Season 2 updates hoping that the Netflix series will return soon. Along with the possible return, it was revealed that there will be cameos from Marvel heroes on the said series.

"Jessica Jones" Season 2 is in the works as teased on Twitter back in January 2016 and fans are delighted that the superhero detective is finally returning to the silver screen. Fans are in for a treat with these "Jessica Jones" Season 2 updates. It is rumored that a certain familiar character, who happens to be her former sweetheart, will be returning in the new season to aid Jones in fighting a new adversary. That can clearly be no one else but Luke Cage, the indestructible superhero, who debuted his first Netflix series just this September 30.

Another possible storyline that "Jessica Jones" Season 2 will explore is Trish Walker's story. It is known that Walker, though the badass character she already is, always wanted to yield superhero powers just like her best friend, Jones. This angle can show Walker's path to finding her second identity, "Hellcat". Aside from Hellcat, Daredevil and Nuke are reportedly to make a cameo, for a series crossover, which will be essential for one of the storyline cases Jessica Jones will tackle.

As a whole, the second season will touch Jones's past and will elaborate her life as a former superhero turned detective. Netflix is clearly gearing up its Marvel-inspired series such as "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage", and "Iron Fist" as the new Marvel series "The Defenders" debut is approaching, which stars the aforementioned characters. "Jessica Jones" debuted on Nov. 20, 2015 as one of the Netflix original series. It stars Krysten Ritter who plays the tough Jessica Jones and Mike Colter who plays Luke Cage. "Jessica Jones" Season 2 updates have reported that the new season will most likely be set to release in 2018, after the debut of "The Defenders" series in 2017.

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