Microsoft Windows Event Recap: Creators Update and Surface Studio Unveiled

Microsoft has held a successful event in New York City on Wednesday. The Windows 10 Creators Update and the well-received Surface Studio have been unveiled. The tech giant seemed to think everything through as analysts applaud Microsoft's creativity in its new concept.

According to the Computerworld, NPD Group Analyst Stephen Baker said Microsoft has understood that consumption and creativity are what go together. They are trying to get the gist of associating productivity and creativity. Microsoft looked to be doing well in that aspect.

The scene stealer of the event might just be the Surface Studio. Though the 2017 Windows 10 update is also as promising.

The Microsoft Surface Studio

The excitement over the Microsoft Surface Studio comes with a hefty price of $2,999. The all-in-one desktop may be directed to professional or business use rather than personal. The new addition to the Surface PC family is already up for pre-order on in limited quantities for 2016. It will be available in time for the holidays.

As for the Surface Studio's design, the 28-inch desktop is equipped with a zero-gravity hinge. According to the USA Today, this allows the screen to be angled at 20 degrees or laid flat on the surface. It kind of works like Microsoft's Surface Pro 2-in-1 hybrid tablets. Users have options to use it upright or not.

The innovation on this new hardware does not end on its flexibility. Microsoft Surface PCs use Windows 10 touch-display. The Surface Studio is not an exception.

A Surface Pen will also be provided to let users draw or write directly on the Surface Studio's screen. Apparently, the said pen has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. To top that off, there's also an eraser that the user can use.

Consumers can also have a hockey-puck shaped accessory called Surface Dial. It serves as an alternate input device when placed on the Surface Studio screen. However, the Surface Dial is sold separately at a cost of $99.9.

As for the Surface Studio's specs, it will be powered by a sixth-generation Intel Core i5. It will have an 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Its screen has 4500 x 3000 resolution with 13.5 million pixels.

The Surface Studio is looking to give Apple's iMac PCs a fierce competition.

The Windows 10 Creators Update

A major update for Windows 10 in early 2017 includes a 3D version of the Paint app. According to The Verge, users can now create 3D images of photos, export 3D Minecraft creations, make 3D doodles and turn almost everything into an interactive object. Users can share their works directly to Facebook. However, if they have HoloLens or other VR or AR headsets, they can use these devices to view their 3D objects.

Microsoft will also venture into virtual reality with its Windows VR headset. The price will start at $2.99 though a release date is yet to be announced. The said headset will run on a Windows Holographic platform akin to the HoloLens.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will also feature an Xbox live streaming. People can now follow along with their current Xbox Live friends. The Verge further reports that games will integrate viewers' comments and suggestions directly in-game.

Players will also enjoy creating their own challenges and custom tournaments. This is possible through an update in Microsoft's Arena platform. Furthermore, Dolby Atmos audio support is added to the Xbox.

Aside from creativity, Microsoft also offers more user interactivity. People can now communicate with valuable people in their lives by dragging and dropping content in the task bar. The new update will also have a feature akin to Facebook's taps. Users can remind others of their presence by sending 3D object stickers.

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