The ‘Garfield Show' Season 6 Spoilers, News And Updates: Will They Cancel The Show After Season 5 Was Shortened?

By Joseph S. , Oct 27, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Reports recently surfaced online that Mark Evanier, the head writer and supervising producer of "The Garfield Show" recently revealed that the fifth season will be shortened. If this is true, there is a strong possibility that there will be no "The Garfield "Show" season 6. What will its avid fans think of this?

Is The Show Having Problems With Poor Ratings?

With Evanier's announcement of the shortened season 5, naturally, a number of speculations followed. There are those who say that the show is suffering from poor ratings. Some even feared the ultimate result that "The Garfield "Show" season 6 will no longer see the light of day. What is the real reason for this shocking turnaround?

Evanier, according to TV Series Finale, announced on his blog that "The Garfield Show" season 5 will be aired for one hour in four parts. He also mentioned that the special title of the show is "Rodent Rebellion." The current series started airing on Oct. 26.

The Show's Shortened 5th Season Is Due To Complicated Reasons

It appears that there are many reasons that led to the shrinking of season 5. "For complicated reasons that would bore the heck out of you, Season 5 of The Garfield Show consists only of the four episodes of "Rodent Rebellion," said Evanier. "There are not nor will there ever be any more in Season 5. We may or may not do a Season 6 but that's still under discussion. Season 5 is just those four cartoons which air as two half-hours," he added.

The current CGI animated TV series is a French-American collaboration. It tells the continuing adventures of Garfield together with Odie and Jon Arbuckle. The TV series is based on the comic strip of Jim Davis. It has the same cast of characters with Wally Wingert, Julie Payne, Frank Welkner and Gregg Berger lending their voices to the characters.

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