'The Garfield Show': Boomerang Show's Season 5 Is Just 4 Episodes, Season 6 Up For Cancellation?

"The Garfield Show" season 5 might be the final run for the animated TV series based on Jim Davis' comic strip "Garfield." The show's supervising producer and head writer Mark Evanier made an announcement that there will only be four episodes for season 5 and season 6 is still up for discussion. He made it clear that the decision could go either way and that "The Garfield Show" may continue to air or may be axed by Boomerang.

"The Garfield Show" Season 5

"The Garfield Show" is no stranger to being on the verge of cancellation. The series has been on and off Cartoon Network but it was finally removed in 2012. At the moment, the cartoon is aired by Boomerang but it seems that the mini season 5 would be the last installment of the show.

Evanier made it clear on his blog that season 5 will only have four episodes. He clarified that fans would only get two half hours of airtime for "Rodent Rebellion." He decided to leave out the reason for launching a mini season instead of the regular season, stating that the complicated reason will only "bore" fans.

"The Garfield Show" Cancellation And Reviews

Even if Evanier has not been forthcoming about details on the network's plan for the cartoon series, he already cautioned fans. He emphasized that "The Garfield Show" season 6 might not be possible adding that it is "still under discussion". Cancelling the show for good though would be a sad affair for many fans who loved the series.

Among the telltale signs, the network's move to air only four episodes for a mini season seems to signal that "The Garfield Show" will be axed. The imminent cancellation is probably due to poor ratings as speculated by some media outlets. As far as reviews are concerned, the cartoon series has been highly criticized for not living up to expectations. Despite what the mini season could indicate, there's still a chance that "The Garfield Show" could get another season.

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