3 Valuable Lessons Developers Can Learn From Pokemon GO Decline

3 Valuable Lessons Developers Can Learn From Pokemon GO Decline
Pokemon GO, despite its success in the past, is starting to witness a huge decline in its player pool. Photo : Top5Central/YouTube

Niantic can't simply deny the fact that Pokemon GO is declining in terms of player pool. Over the course of months, the number of people playing the game is dramatically decreasing. Sure, one can count to that the trainers banned by the studio for cheating; however, the quantity is still quite large. Somehow, there's a loophole to those, the company could have done a few steps to avoid it. Either way, here are 3 lessons developers can learn from it.

Fresher Or Newer Elements Are A Must

Time and time again, Pokemon GO players have been clamoring for Niantic to introduce new features. Unfortunately, the studio seems to be neglect them. Heck, the devs even kept on saying that the game is still new and that if they're to introduce such, it won't be soon. Sure, people can understand that the title is still fresh from the over; however, if one is to look closely, it's starting to rot. The game's mechanic is so simple that players tend to get easily bored. Without doubt, if compared to other Pokemon games, PoGO has the shallowest gameplay ever.

If Niantic pursued a strategy to introduce interesting features to Pokemon GO, this might have stopped the decline of player pool. While the wearable tech called Pokemon GO Plus is quite interesting, it wasn't enough to entice players once again. The community simply wants more than the gameplay standards the title is offering. And it's really frustrating as to why the studio won't opt to move in such direction.

Popular Features Shouldn't Be Removed

It's already a fact that Pokemon GO lacks a good number of features. If this is case, then why must Niantic resort to removing others, especially the most popular ones? One notable feature is the Tracking System. Although it's a very robust system, ironically, the studio removed it. As a result, players are left wondering where Pokemon can be found or captured. They're simply playing the game with no aim, relying on pure luck.

What's even sad, though, is that the aforementioned Pokemon GO feature was half-baked. It means that still needs a couple of upgrades. Otherwise, players won't rely on using other third-party software just to know there whereabouts of certain creatures. But still, at the end of the day, the tracking system is commendable. Fast forward to today, third-party apps are no longer allowed -- let alone the aforesaid system. Players are left with no option but to play the game aimlessly.

Communication And Community

In Pokemon GO -- or in any other gamin titles -- communication and community play a vital role. Each, however, compliments each other. If devs want to inform their community, they simply have to communicate to them. The same thing can be applied vice versa. Unfortunately, this isn't the story of Niantic. The studio barely listens to the community, making them undesirable. Because if they really do, those features that have long been requested should have existed now.

Moreover, the company isn't fond of informing the Pokemon GO community about certain changes -- particular the negative ones. This is where the phrase "silence is killing Pokemon GO" came from. You know, the one that you can also refer to Hello Games' No Man's Sky. Certainly, this kind of activity isn't doing Niantic any favor. It only adds fuel to the ever-burning issues at hand.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as its future? Do you agree with the aforementioned points? What are your suggestions? C'mon and share with us your answers at the comment section below!

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