No Man's Sky Update: Hello Games' HQ Appears Lifeless, Confirms Game's Death?

It seems that the scariest thing that most No Man's Sky fans won't hope for has come true. Reports have it that the main office of Hello Games -- the developer of the game and founded by the great Sean Murray -- has appeared to be abandoned. To back it all up, a photo suggesting the idea seems to say so. This is definitely worth investigating.

No Man's Sky, over the course of few months, have been under criticisms for a whole lot of reasons. From the game being a product of false advertisements down to the studio's recent investigation from ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), these have all been a nightmare for Murray and his team. And surprisingly, with all the ongoing buzz about the title, the people behind the game didn't even bother to speak up or whatsoever. Heck, their silence even started way back when people have started complaining about NMS.

Despite the controversies, there are No Man's Sky players who believe that Hello Games is well-aware and is doing something about it. But in order to prove the video game company's level of activity -- if there's any truth to it -- a fan made an effort to visit the studio's headquarters located at Walnut Tree Close to obtain pictures and whatnots.

Hello Games (No Mans Sky) offices appear to be abandoned.

Unfortunately, based on the photos acquired by the aforementioned No Man's Sky player, Hello Game's supposed office is a lifeless structure. It's dark and debris overwhelmed it. For a workplace that's alive and kicking, this shouldn't be its set up. It's safe to say that all rumors about HG abandoning NMS could be true after all.

Nevertheless, there are No Man's Sky players who tried to debunk it. That it was all due to the fact that the developers wanted to work from home. Why? Well, it's probably for the reason that they're receiving death threats and/or experiencing hostile activities.

While the aforementioned ideas can be interesting in one way or another for No Man's Sky players, it should remain a grain of salt. Not until Hello Games confirms it or decides to shed some light. But of course, with the studio's continuous silence -- especially from Murray -- it's definitely not doing them any good.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky? Do you believe that Hello Games has really abandoned the game? What can you say about the photo? Let us know your thoughts at the comment section below!

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